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American National named to Forbes’ 2017 “Most Trustworthy Financial Companies” List

GALVESTON, TX. (July 24, 2017)


American National Insurance Company (American National) was recently named to Forbes’ 2017 list of America’s Most Trustworthy Financial Companies. Forbes chose the companies based on their accounting and governance practices.


“Financial Strength and Integrity are two of American National’s top corporate values” said Jim Pozzi, President and CEO of American National. “We are proud to be recognized for staying true to our values.”

Using information compiled by MSCI ESG Research, Forbes selected 50 companies in the financial sector that have “shown themselves to be honest and transparent in their accounting.”

In looking for trustworthiness, MSCI calculated the companies’ AGR ratings—“Accounting and Governance Risk”—the composite scores by which organizations are judged. Factors considered include high risk behaviors like regulatory actions, amended filings, revenue and expense recognition methods, and bankruptcy risk.

American National was founded in 1905 on the ideals of strong management and prudent investment, and it has stood the test of time, through world wars, recessions, the Great Depression and rapid technological changes. For more than a century, American National has earned the faith of its policyholders and shareholders alike.

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